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Emergency and Camping Food Supplies

What To Consider When Buying This Food

An emergency food supply ensures that you will have the food you need to survive for a given period of time. You do this to ensure the temporary well-being of your family. Short term (3 to 7 days) emergencies can happen to anyone.

Earthquakes, storms, floods or possible acts of terrorism can put anyone in a situation where you don’t have power, heat, water and sometimes shelter for several days. One primary need (food) that you will have may be the easiest to prepare for. There are many companies that prepare and sell long term emergency food. When faced with one of these situations we want this food supply to be nutritious, easy to prepare, and to taste good if possible.

The ideal emergency food would be pre-prepared - no measuring, mixing, cooking – have good taste – not require bowls, pans – packaged in reasonable serving sizes – easy to store – have a long shelf life and be reasonably priced. We offer WISE FOOD because it meets all of these criteria. If you have a small amount of water available then your family will have nutritious food for them.

Speaking of WATER, what is your solution here? There may well be water available, but it may not be safe to drink. We here in Southern California know well that sometimes after an earthquake our water is cloudy for a few days. Maybe you filled your bathtub before the water was shut off and have tasty tub water available. In any case, included in your survival supplies should be an easy to use high quality water filter. Did you know that for less than $25 you can buy an extremely easy to use very effective water filter from SAWYER. This would be the Mini SP128. It weighs about 2 ounces and will filter up to 100,000 gallons of water. Keep it with your Wise food containers except when you are carrying it on a hike and are using it to drink stream water.

For less than $150 you can have food and a water filter stored in an accessible place to make sure that you will have food available when you SUDDENLY need it. Have a little extra to share with your good neighbor who thought about being prepared but kept putting it off.

Because of the huge range of quality and packaging options out there, it's important to understand your options and stick to a trusted shop like Active Duty Gear, which only sells the best survival food products from the best brands. Wise food does not require you to do any cooking. If you can heat water you are the cook.

Today's best emergency food from Wise is so easy to make, easy to carry and delicious, that people aren't just buying it to prepare for emergencies – they're buying it for camping, hiking, hunting and other outdoor activities. Throw three food packs in your pack and the cooking is done for your 2 day hike.

How do you know which food supplies are right for your needs? Here are some key things to consider.

Shopping For Emergency Food Supply

Is it practical for your needs - no one is exempt from emergencies.

As mentioned above, an emergency food supply can be beneficial in a number of situations – not just emergencies, but also for outdoor activities. So one of the first questions you need to ask when comparing different options is: will this work for what I need it for? The following considerations may help you determine this more easily.

How long will the supply last?

If you're preparing for an emergency situation in which you may not have access to store food for several days or weeks, then you'll want to make sure your supplies will last – particularly if you'll need supplies for the whole family – without taking up too much space in storage. Wise Food has a 25 year shelf life.

How compact is each serving?

Let's say you only need a couple meals for your camping trip. You don't want to be lugging around heavy cans of food in your backpack or carry extra cooking gear! Look for food that comes in lightweight packets, like those made by Wise, which contain full servings in compact, easy-to-carry packaging.

How easily can you make it?

Whether you're stranded after a natural disaster or you're planning to spend a weekend in the woods, you don't have time to take the time to make complicated, difficult-to-make meals. Before buying your emergency food supply, make sure you'll be able to make it in a pinch – with very little resources, no matter what your specific needs. Tear open the pouch, add a cup of hot/boiling water, wait 15 minutes and eat. Enjoy your Pasta Alfredo with Chicken.

What are your food options?

Let's face it – just because you need survival food doesn't mean you should have to eat something that just doesn’t taste good. Wise is known for making emergency food that is truly delicious, with options like Savory Stroganoff, Cheesy Macaroni, Hearty Tortilla Soup, cereals and many others. Before you stock up on emergency food supplies, make sure you do your research to find out what others are saying about the taste and meal selections. WISE has many options as far as all entries, entries that include breakfast selections and several others.

Get Your Emergency Food Supply & Camping Foods At Active Duty Gear

Regardless of whether you're prepping for an emergency ( Related News) or you need some practical, delicious food for outdoor use, Active Duty Gear has you covered. Plan your hiking or camping meals by selecting a different food pouch for each meal. You can even have two or three different entrees for a meal by sharing.

We carry a wide variety of options from top brands like Wise, which makes compact food pouches that are easy to store, easy to carry, delicious and easy to make – you simply add boiling water to the pouch.

Browse our survival food now, or call us at 855-327-2701 (or email info@activedutygear.com) and we'll be happy to assist to happy to assist you.

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