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Active Duty Gear - tactical knife - tactical gear Active Duty Gear - tactical knife - tactical gear Active Duty Gear - tactical knife - tactical gear
WISE Favorites - 6 Entrees & 1 Breakfast - 14 Serving
List Price: $43.99
Our Price: $41.50
WISE - 72 Hour Emergency Food Kit
List Price: $39.95
Our Price: $36.95
WISE FIRE Pouch (Pack of 3)
List Price: $10.99
Our Price: $8.99
Active Duty Gear - tactical knife - tactical gear Active Duty Gear - tactical knife - tactical gear solar hand crank lantern
Silva Ranger 515 CL Compass
Our Price: $99.49
Sale Price: $59.95
ROTHCO - Solar/Windup Radio
List Price: $36.99
Our Price: $24.99
Rothco Solar/Handcrank Lantern, 80006
List Price: $57.49
Our Price: $38.49
Active Duty Gear - tactical knife - tactical gear Active Duty Gear - tactical knife - tactical gear Windproof Matches
ResQMe - Vehicle Escape Tool
List Price: $12.95
Our Price: $9.95
NDUR Proforce STORM MATCHES, 2 boxes, 21080
List Price: $6.99
Our Price: $5.99
Steel Fire Striker
NDUR Fire Steel & Striker, Small 21315
List Price: $8.49
Our Price: $6.99

Emergency Food

Quick, Easy-To-Make Meals For Hikers, Campers And Emergencies

Having a solid supply of emergency food is essential these days – not just for campers, hikers and hunters who need quick, great tasting, simple meals while they're out in the wild – but also for families to have supplies on-hand in the event of unforeseen events.

Wherever you fall into those categories, it's crucial that you properly prepare for all potential scenarios.

Hikers, campers, hunters and other outdoorsmen:

How will you refuel when you're out on the trails – without weighing down your gear with food supplies?

What if you plan to be away for several days? What's the easiest way to bring and make meals that won't be a burden to carry?

Families and anyone who wants to be prepared for emergencies:

Sadly, far too many individuals and families are completely unprepared for unforeseen events that could leave them without food or water for days. It's scary to think about, but take a second to imagine yourself in such a situation:

  1. You're trapped somewhere with nothing to eat.

  2. What if no one is able to reach you for days? What if you're miles away from people, stores and any type of help?

  3. What will you do to prevent yourself from starving?

  4. Where will you get the food to feed yourself or your family?

  5. Why did you not prepare for situations like this before, when you could have had the emergency food to SURVIVE?

Most people assume, "It won't happen to me." But the frightening fact is that these situations happen to people all the time – and it doesn't take a major event like a terrorist attack to make it happen. Mother Nature alone can change your life in a matter of minutes. If you or your family is not prepared, the consequences could be fatal.

This isn't meant as a scare tactic. It's an urgent warning that you must be prepared – always.

Today's Grab-and Go Food For Outdoorsmen

The simplicity and innovative design of today's "emergency food" makes it great for a variety of uses – not just emergency situations like those we'll discuss below.

Wise Company makes a wide variety of compact, easy-to-make, delicious meals that are perfect for camping, hunting and other extended activities outdoors.

These meals are made by simply boiling a cup of water and pouring it into a pouch. The result is great-tasting entree that can be eaten right out of the pouch. No need to carry several different types of bowls or cooking supplies. One cup a water makes a delicious meal, like Creamy Pasta & Vegetable Rotini, Macaroni & Cheese, and so many other options.

At ActiveDutyGear.com, we carry smaller quantities of Wise food supplies, which have become the favorites for many campers, hikers and hunters.

We also carry larger, bucket-sized quantities for those who want to be prepared for more than just a few days out in the wild...

Emergency Food Scenarios – Why Do You Need It?

Who needs emergency food? Everyone. At ActiveDutyGear.com, a lot of our gear is used by avid sportsmen, campers and other outdoor enthusiasts. But when it comes to survival food, there's almost no limit to the need.

Regardless of whether you spend the bulk of your time outdoors or not, here are just a few of the many possible events in which you'll want to have survival food on hand.

Major weather events

Floods, blizzards, hurricanes – you name it. No one on Earth is immune to Mother Nature's harshest elements. If a major weather event leaves you trapped with no access to food, you'll regret not having emergency supplies on hand. This applies to you whether you're camping or at home.


Same scenario. We saw last winter how a rare, minor snowstorm in the South crippled the region and left many people stranded in their cars, miles from home. Just imagine what a bad earthquake can do. And you don't need to live on the San Andreas Fault to be at risk of one happening in your area.

Terrorist attacks

In a major attack, whether it's bioterrorism, explosive or something else, there are a number of scenarios in which you could be stranded without access to food for hours or days. Having emergency food on hand at home, in your vehicle and in the workplace is a must.

The unthinkable

Let's face it – the worst emergencies are those you never see coming. Whether it's a meltdown at one of the 100+ nuclear reactors in the United States or a freak accident that traps you in your own home, you can prepare for the unthinkable by having emergency food supplies in your home at all times.

Emergency Survival Food Options

Getting emergency food doesn't mean you need to stock up on hundreds of canned vegetables for a special bunker in your home. Today's survival food from top brands like Wise Company makes it quick and easy to have a short-term emergency supply of food for you or your family – easy to store at home or transport.

  1. Wise Company produces large "Grab & Go" buckets of survival food supply, which are a must in every household. Just one bucket can hold up to 56 servings of food in compact packets, spanning a wide range of delicious meals, including Creamy Pasta & Vegetable Rotini, Cheesy Macaroni, Savory Stroganoff, Cheesy Macaroni, Chicken flavored noodle soup, Brown Sugar & Maple Multi-Grain Cereal and more.

  2. Just one of these buckets can meet the needs of four adults for a week or a family for 4-5 days.

  3. The 56 servings are the recommended minimum to have on-hand to ensure your nutritional requirements are met for short-term emergencies caused by weather, earthquake or other events.

  4. The meals taste great and they have a shelf-life of 25 years.

  5. Other emergency food (More Info) options here at ActiveDutyGear.com include full survival packs with tactical flashlights, knives, whistles, rope, candles, dust masks, hygiene kits and other items that are essential for survival when disaster strikes.

Get Your Emergency Food Now

Don't be unprepared – emergencies can happen at any moment. Shop food for emergencies, camping, hiking and more at ActiveDutyGear.com, so you'll be ready for when you don't have access to a food source.

Browse our complete collection of emergency survival food, ranging from 72-hour kits to weeks' worth of food supplies in one compact bucket.