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Tactical Light Buying Tips

4 Features To Look For

A tactical light can be an extremely handy tool for a wide variety of uses and situations – but you need to make sure you choose your flashlight wisely.

If you've already been shopping around for a tactical light, then you know the market is flooded with different styles, brands, sizes and colors. At Active Duty Gear, you'll only find the most dependable, high-quality lights from a trusted manufacturer. Like s like 5.11 Tactical and ExtremeBeam – but it's still important to understand your options. We believe that ExtremeBeam offers the best light and best value, but our other lines such as Streamlight, 511 and Terralux make very high quality lights.

Finding a good tactical flashlight isn't difficult, as long as you know what to look for. As you begin comparing your options, here are some key questions you should be asking to ensure your light fits your needs and is built to last.

Finding The Right Tactical Light

How big is it? How much does it weigh?

One of the biggest sources of dissatisfaction for customers is when their tactical light isn't sized right for their needs. Either it's too big, too heavy, too small or simply not the right size for the spot where they intended to carry it.

This is why it's so important to always check the specs when you're shopping online. Consider any pockets, compartments or holsters where you intend to keep the light to ensure it will fit. Ideally, you want your flashlight to be lightweight but built with durable materials, like high-density aluminum.

How much power does it have?

You should have a general idea of how "bright" the flashlight is, but also how far it shines. The two specs used to specify these capabilities are "lumens" and "throw distance/range." Lumens refers to amount of light it casts (go higher if you want a tactical flashlight that can temporarily blind or disorient an intruder). Throw distance/range refers to how far the light casts.

What type of battery does it use? How long does it last?

Some tactical lights are rechargeable, while some are not. Both have their advantages, so it's important to consider the situations in which you'll use the light.

For example, if you plan to use the light extensively while camping and won't have access to a power source for a long period of time, then you may want to consider a light that uses regular batteries so you can bring extra – or have a backup flashlight. We've found that many of the top-performing lights typically use C123 batteries.

How much of a beating can it take?

If you plan to use the light often or in rugged conditions outdoors, then it needs to withstand a variety of abuse. Look for lights that are made from aerospace-grade aluminum for water resistance, impact resistance and overall durability. When it comes to the most options on the market, ExtremeBeam is generally at the top of the list.


Shop The Best Tactical Lights At Active Duty Gear

At Active Duty Gear, we carry only the best gear from the best brands in the industry. Our inventory includes dozens of flashlights to fit every need ( Related News), from police and military use to outdoor use or even everyday household applications.

Shop online, call us toll-free at 855-327-2701 or email us at info@activedutygear.com to speak with one of our helpful sales representatives.

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Condor C05 EDC Flashlight, 231084
List Price: $54.95
Our Price: $44.95
Savings: $10.00
C05 EDC Flashlight
Condor C05 EDC flashlight with 5 modes of operation including "strobe", 280 Lumens from (1) AA Battery, aluminum body 3.5" long, Perfect EDC flashlight